2016-02-04 12:44:12 UTC

Image uploads with Ember.js

Allowing your users to upload images to your application is not an unusual feature but I had to pull some of my hair before I found an approach I liked when trying to do it with Ember.

Puma 07
2015-03-27 13:35:34 UTC

Benchmarking Rails server software

Apache vs Nginx. Passenger vs Unicorn vs Puma. I’ve personally been running Apache with Passenger as I got a lot more of Apache experience then with Nginx but when setting up the servers for a recent Rails project I was not really happy about the number of requests I could serve.

20140403 112209 hdr
2014-04-03 13:31:01 UTC

My impressions from World Hosting Days 2014

I've just spent a few days at Europa Park attending the World Hosting days. The days were filled with interesting talks and I'll try to summarize the major themes in this post.